Believe it or not

Few professions have so many charlatans and geniuses working side by side as HR consulting has. In the absence of a specific vocational model, all comers can offer their services as individuals, consultancy networks, or dedicated consulting firms. Oftentimes, they embrace implicit convictions, values, or untested assumptions as the be-all-and-end-all of consulting. Most of these have little reason or empirical basis. Offerings like “executive development with dolphins” or “astro-coaching for mind and soul” are no surprise in such a situation.

HRpepper is challenging the typical assumptions and convictions of (HR) management. We want to know: Is there empirical evidence for many of the basic beliefs and mechanisms people trust in?

Do you have a favourite hypothesis that you would like tested? Tell us more via Subject: Believe it or not.

10.2017 | Why managing virtual teams does (not) require a new understanding of roles
09.2017 | Multidisciplinary competencies are (not) relevant in the digital workplace
08.2017 | Perfect time out? When holiday is (not) really restful
07.2017 | Using smartphones off the job is (not) clever
06.2017 | A daily routine does (not) always stimulate creativity
05.2017 | Gut or brain decision – a/no contradiction
04.2017 | Competition does (not) always stimulate business
03.2017 | Males do (not) always negotiate better than females
02.2017 | Agile methods do (not) make projects more successful
01.2017 | All types of sport are (not) equally “healthy”

12.2016 | Evidence-based management does (not) make sense
11.2016 | The decline of an apprenticeship profession – qualified bank officers will (not) survive
10.2016 | Creativity killed the spouse, but careful selection brought it back
09.2016 | Why breaks are (in)efficient
08.2016 | Algorithms do (not) know prejudices
07.2016 | PowerPoint makes communication (im)possible
06.2016 | Lots of zeros and a few ones – Digital transformation is (no) child’s play
05.2016 | „Service with a Smile“ is (un)healthy
04.2016 | Stress is (un)healthy
03.2016 | A picture does (not) say a thousand words
02.2016 | Why the digital revolution does (not) touch us
01.2016 | Talent management increases the output of high potentials (not)

12.2015 | Payment for more innovation is (un)effective
11.2015 | Why top executives don’t have to worry about charisma (sometimes)
10.2015 | Part-time-work creates (un)happiness
09.2015 | Gender Diversity is (ir)relevant for team performance
08.2015 | Success comes (not) from failure
07.2015 | The emphasis of meritocracy encourages gender specific (un)fairness
06.2015 | Gen Y (not) more willing to switch employers than older generations
05.2015 | The future of Learning is (not) digital
04.2015 | Strategy development is (not) an emotional misunderstanding
03.2015 | Those who we really want, we assess (in)accurately
02.2015 | 70 percent of all change initiatives almost (n)ever fail
01.2015 | Neuroscience can (not) explain everything

12.2014 | Feel Good Manager feel (un)comfortable
11.2014 | Personality types are (not) set in stone
10.2014 | Practice makes (not always) perfect
09.2014 | Coaching does (not) always effect a miracle
08.2014 | Many talents (do not) improve team performance
07.2014 | Hang-over pictures on social networks do (not) harm job applicants
06.2014 | Participation does (not) harm
05.2014 | Meaning in work is (not) required
04.2014 | Narcissists are (not) the better leaders
03.2014 | „Engineer (f/m) wanted!“ – Why women would (not) apply
02.2014 | It is (not always) love at first sight
01.2014 | Santa Claus is (un)attractive

12.2013 | We are (not) more intelligent than me
11.2013 | Individual incentives (dis)encourage group behaviour in teams
10.2013 | Necessity is (not) the mother of invention
09.2013 | Extraversion is (not) a condition for effective leadership
08.2013 | Two heads are (not) better than one
07.2013 | Change is (sometimes) hard to swallow
06.2013 | HR practices have effects (somehow)
05.2013 | Staff Turnover is (not) a problem
04.2013 | Money can (not) buy happiness
03.2013 | Research is (not) trivial
02.2013 | Age and gender diversity makes (no) difference
01.2013 | Some people are (not) able to change

12.2012 | Happy students make (not) good learners
11.2012 | Pepper High Effect


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