Who believes in Santa Claus?

We are convinced that an effective consultation requires a good theoretical foundation. That is why we regularly get to the bottom of the typical convictions and values of (personnel) management. We are interested in finding out whether the frequently assumed connections can be substantiated with empirical evidence. In our BION of December 2016 Prof. Dirk Sliwka describes the benefits of this evidence-based approach: “Instead of speculative arguments and assumptions, empirical evidence is used. In particular, meta-analysis, the summary of many studies, offer this benefit.” Funny as it sounds, we have already got to the bottom of Santa Claus in the BION in January 2014.




01. March 2022

Why changes in corporate culture will (not) prevent the great resignation wave

The "Great Resignation" is rolling across the global labor market and is not stopping at Germany. Studies suggest that the most important factor influencing this wave of resignations is corporate culture. Is it all nonsense - or do the findings actually offer an approach to save companies from the tsunami?

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