Who we are and what drives us

HRpepper designs future-oriented organisations – using a curious glance, fresh thinking and innovative methods.

Our success factor is our focus on people, their skills and their interaction. With each project, we strive to make a small contribution towards making tomorrow’s working world a little better. That’s what drives us.

Pepper-Style, what’s that?

Anyone who gets to know us, works with us or starts working for us will quickly notice that the Peppers are somehow different. We are not a classic management consultancy and we don’t want to be. Our thinking and acting is rather determined by what we call Pepper-Style. These values and principles shared by all Peppers are an ideal. Not always reached, but quite often. The Pepper-Style refers to our way of working with clients as well as to the interaction between us, as Peppers. For us, the outside and inside are two sides of the same coin. We firmly believe that extraordinary client experiences are based on appealing employee experiences. And good employee experiences are also the result of inspiring client experiences.

New ideas are the raw material of future

We dare to break new ground again and again – together with our customers. We have retained a culture in which innovation is possible. Like all organisations, we ask ourselves how we have to change our actions in this dynamic business and working world again and again. For us, it goes without saying that we try out and test everything ourselves what we later advise our clients to do. This is the only way to be authentic and credible.


Successful cooperation is the basis

Each of us is different in personality, competence and preference structure. Each of us spends a lot of life time at work. Therefore, it is especially important for us that trust, appreciative cooperation, common struggle for the best solution and humor in our work are not neglected. We really enjoy working with our clients and with each other. This results in the lightness and efficacy attributed to HRpepper.


Experiences create a special effectiveness

Neuropsychology teaches us that positive experiences and dosed irritations effectively support human learning. Therefore, we are convinced that we attach great importance to a high level of experience orientation. We regularly ask ourselves: What is the individual experience? Is the quality of experience high enough? Can experience components be enhanced? For us, a successful experience is a key to lasting effectiveness of interventions.


Combining science and practice demands humility

Scientific knowledge is sometimes dry and cumbersome. But they have one big advantage: They are incredibly practical. Our commitment to evidence-based organizational consulting and proximity to science is therefore not a marketing gag. These two are the necessary basis for developing and implementing well-founded concepts. We work very closely with leading scientists who regularly check the quality of our work and are critical companions for us.