Johanna Voigt

Senior Consultant

Johanna Matthes

Change ally

„The first revolution is when you change your mind.“
(Gil Scott-Heron)

Johanna Matthes accompanies holistic change processes starting with a change in the understanding of leadership, through competence development to new forms of cooperation. In this context, she relies in particular on a people-centred approach that focuses on those who are responsible for the transformation in the company. She is enthusiastic about new work and digital topics and always looks at them with a broader perspective. Increased digital networking requires increased communication and networking skills and the ability to work in an agile way. Technical change is always also cultural change. As a certified Scrum Master and agile transformation facilitator, Johanna Matthes supports people and organizations in shaping their future of work.

No half transformations

Trending topics and buzzword bingo in management literature tempt people to jump on-board trains quickly without thinking about the destination first. In transformation projects it is therefore important for Johanna to think through complex dependencies and not to simplify things for herself. In doing so, she benefits from the knowledge gained in the interdisciplinary study of social and business communication.

Before joining HRpepper, Johanna worked at T-Systems MMS as a Digital Transformation & New Work Consultant, advising various clients inside and outside the organization. When she’s not on the road for HRpepper, the Berlin-born explores her neighbourhood in running shoes, reads one of the many books in her pile or practices for her next choir performance.

What is important to you at work?

Contact to people at an equal footing. Being able to act as a human being as a whole. Autonomy paired with commitment. Freedom of design. Transparency and appreciation. Structured working.

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