Tobias Jacob Berten

Principal Consultant


Passionate change maker

“Everybody said, ‘You can’t do that‘. Then one guy came along who didn’t know that and just did it.” (Unknown)

Publishing merchant, architect, project developer, press spokesman, communications strategist, brand architect and innovation manager – a diverse work career that is built on passionate curiosity and great creative desire.

Looking at things from a new perspective, developing ideas and business models further or anew, constantly thinking about how it could feel even better (or good in the first place) for companies, employees and customers, and also critically questioning traditional industry mechanisms again and again, is what he considers his current vocation as an interdisciplinary career changer. And he lives this enthusiasm for active change.

Tobias Jacob Berten’s private life is also quite turbulent: His three children make sure of that. When he has time, he likes to travel to Sicily or Sweden. In addition, he enjoys sports, literature and cooking as leisure enjoyment and valuable compensation.

What do you associate with HRpepper?

Authenticity, willingness to change and passion in consulting and designing modern organizations and experience-oriented working environments of the future.

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