Jana Becks

Principal Consultant


Enthusiastic Potential Developer

“Just as a coach knows the physical condition and fitness of his athletes, you should also know the fitness status of your company before starting the project marathon.”

Jana accompanies and advises companies through the transformations in HR, leadership and organisation. With her enthusiasm and energy, she quickly builds up a trusting relationship with her customers. She is fascinated by the idea of rethinking forms of cooperation, development formats, and management tools, but always weighs up which concepts, ideas, and instruments fit the maturity of the company and at the same time strengthen the future viability and productive cooperation within the company. Her keen eye as an observer enables her to implement experience-oriented concepts for personnel appraisals – with the aim of being able to apply development measures with effective focus and to develop potential.

The finer notes of pragmatism

In her consulting approach, Jana combines her systemic understanding of the organisation with distinct process and methodological know-how, a cooperative, customer-oriented approach and a fine touch of pragmatism. Jana recognized her passion for consulting as part of a transformation project to a HR business partner model at a major telecommunications company. Afterwards, she deepened her experience in change management as well as in personnel and organisational development by working for four and a half years as a consultant for a change and personnel consultancy in Duesseldorf.

Jana is also creative in her private life. She loves to restore old furniture, paints, draws, and enjoys tinkering in general. In addition, you will often find her sitting in the sun with a good book, exploring new places (also in Berlin), or out and about jogging.


What is important to you at work?

I consider it important to try out new forms of work and new methods: not only advising people, but also trying them myself. Trust and equality also plays an important role for me, as do tasks in which one can grow and genuine (valuable) communication.

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