Ines Schleinert

Accounting & Controlling


Number Cruncher

“What advantages does double-entry accounting offer the merchant! It is one of the most beautiful inventions of the human spirit, and every good steward should introduce it into his household.”
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Since July 2013, Ines has been responsible for accounting and controlling at HRpepper. The word “accounting” triggers very different reactions in many people. They range from a tired yawn to thick sweaty beads on the forehead. With Ines, on the other hand, eyes will light up when it comes to asset/liability swaps or totals and balance lists. Ines loves numbers.

Trained business economist

Ines is a trained business economist with many years of experience in accounting. Following her commercial training at a German steel production company, she worked as a shipping clerk, before taking up various administration roles.

What is important to you at work?

I want to achieve the best results for this company in the face of the many challenges of the organisation.

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