Christine Stütz

Project Partner

HR Pepper 28.08.2019

Passionate Change Enabler

„Organisations that want to be fit for the future, need to be fit for humans.“ (Gary Hamel)

As an economist and certified systemic coach Christine develops ways to combine the „What“ in transformation processes with a helpful „How“. She designs customer-oriented formats for change management for various clients ranging from big corporates to SMEs both private and public. She personally strives to enable people, teams and organisations to be able to deal with change, seeing chances and taking good decisions considering it as crucial for success.

Courage, clarity and enjoyment of work

Her positive spirit and her empathetic way of being help her to „friendly impose“ interventions necessary in change processes. She loves to work out individual, goal-oriented solutions with her clients. Whenever she can support people to find courage, experience more clarity, motivation and enjoyment of work, she is happy.

Before working with HRpepper, Christine was an Inhouse Consultant for Change in the energy business, was right in the middle of a fundamental transformation the German „Energiewende“ und helped to achieve more customer-orientation and agility in the public sector.

During her leisure time Christine enjoys practicing yoga, being outside, ride her bike through Berlin and experience small and big adventures with her two daughters.

What is important for you at work?

Real encounters at eye level, trustful collaboration, focus on the positive side and openess to be able to finde new solutions and take the next step. And having fun ist allowed.

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