Sonja Bogenschütz

Senior Consultant


Communicative think ahead

„When you hit a wrong note, it’s the next one that makes it good or bad“.
(Miles Davis)

In her consulting approach, Sonja combines her knowledge from social and business communication with strategic knowledge. She is an indefatigable questioner and thus manages to continuously challenge her curious mind and enrich organizations with this ability. As a passionate designer of tomorrow’s world of work, she thinks of digital transformation as a great opportunity, but also sees the cultural challenges associated with it as indispensable.

Sonja is a certified change and process manager. She accompanies the changes of our clients with heart and mind and helps to develop strategically relevant, individual solutions.

Penetrating complexity with a talent for communication

Her talent for communication not only enables her to quickly get to the bottom of complex issues, but also to identify and fill communicative gaps with a holistic view.

Before joining HRpepper, she worked in strategic consulting and supported medium-sized and cultural com-panies in strategic positioning and purpose issues. In doing so, she developed brand and communication concepts and thereby also intensively dealt with the challenges that organizational structures and process-es bring with them in a so-called VUCA world.

When Sonja is not on the road for HRpepper, you will find her out and about anyway, as sitting still is not her biggest strength. Luckily, her son and the vibrant capital city Berlin promised keep her busy most of the time.

What would you like to learn?

French, to finally watch French movies without subtitles. And chess, so I can spend a lot of time in enlivened places as I get older. And last but not least, meditation – to be able to switch off my thoughts at the push of a button.

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