Ruben Grasemann

Senior Consultant

Ruben Grasemann

Empathetic Plain-Speaker

“On the way to new work, it can feel as if you are giving people a little too much freedom. But it’s only when it feels a bit uncomfortable that you know you’re doing it right.”

Ruben is a cognitive psychologist and consultant at HRpepper. With his fascination for digitalization and its influence on tomorrow’s world of work, he guides people and organizations through change. He is particularly interested in how the change process is experienced by employees and customers and focuses on using innovative formats in such a way that employee experiences are created and the active participation of those affected is possible. Ruben is convinced that companies can only be prepared for the future if they focus on people’s needs and enable each individual to master future challenges.

Experience with user-centered digital products

Ruben is enthusiastic about new forms of collaboration with creative and agile methods. Within the framework of his consulting approach, he is certain that the successful path into the future will not take radical steps, but that the strategy – whether in small or large scale – must be pragmatically tailored in close cooperation with the customer.

With his background as a multimedia IT specialist and his master’s degree in engineering psychology, Ruben has been involved in the conception, implementation and validation of user-centered digital products for years. Before his time at HRpepper, he researched the acquisition of skills by using gamified learning software as part of his master’s thesis at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

When Ruben is not on the road for HRpepper, he is probably spending time with his friends, playing guitar and singing or devoting himself passionately to game development.

What I associate with HRpepper?

With HRpepper I associate working on exciting and diverse projects, in which actual change for the better can be accomplished and where no two days are the same. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to take on responsibility and achieve a high degree of effectiveness with one’s own performance.

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