Linda Coldewey

Principal Consultant


Empathetic Organizational Designer

“Whoever wants to win people for something new, should give them the freedom and the opportunity to try themselves out.”


Linda accompanies organizations and people within changes and in the process of designing such basic conditions, which make available potentials usable and ultimately improve the efficiency of the organization. She is enthusiastic about new forms of organization and leadership approaches and how these can have a positive effect on people and organizations. The combination of practice-related questions and psychological findings as well as the measurability of the results are important to her.

In her consulting approach, Linda combines business management knowledge with psychological knowledge and sees people as the focus of organizational acting. Before joining HRpepper, she studied business psychology, where she dealt with the question of how organizations need to be structured so that employees can meet the requirements placed on them and achieve corporate goals. The experiences gained from activities in the scientific field, in group as well as in small and medium-sized enterprises helps her in this respect.

Linda loves to travel and be in nature. If she is not on the road for HRpepper, she can be found discovering new places in her adopted home Berlin or doing sports.

What is important to you at work?

At work, challenges and learning through mutual exchange are important to me. I value a trusting and appreciative cooperation coupled with openness and humor.

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