Dr. Sarah Meeßen

Senior Consultant


Pragmatic analyst

“We all need each other. This interdependence is the greatest challenge for a mature functioning of individuals and groups.”
(Kurt Lewin)”

Sarah helps organizations and their members to reach their full potential. She combines a solution-oriented focus with the ability to take shared and individual experiences into account and to interact with people at an equal footing.

As a doctor of psychology with a focus on human resources, business and technology, Sarah has a particular passion for data, facts and evidence-based solutions. At the same time, she does not lose sight of individual needs and practicality.

Before joining HRpepper, Sarah researched the importance of trust in modern information systems in the working world in an interdisciplinary research project.

As a freelance business psychologist, she also supported organizations in areas such as leadership development, diagnostics and digital transformations.

In her spare time, Sarah likes to immerse herself in different worlds – culinary, cultural and literary.

What is important to you at work?

I am convinced that a positive climate never counteracts good results and efficient work. Therefore, an open and appreciating contact is very important to me.

My heart beats for