Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kabst

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Evidence-driven Innovator

“The greatest danger for the future is the success of the past. People enjoy praise, settle in comfortably and manage the existing. A sustainable innovation culture thrives on people who are courageous, experimental, unorthodox, perhaps a little crazy. Revolutions cannot be planned, but the space for them is limited.”

Prof. Dr. Ruediger Kabst holds the chair of International Business, is head of the Technology Transfer and Business Start-up Center (TecUP) at the University of Paderborn. Beyond that, Ruediger Kabst is the managing editor of PERSONALquartely at Haufe-Verlag.

Prior to his appointment to the University of Paderborn, Ruediger Kabst was Professor of Human Resource Management, SME and Entrepreneurship at the University of Giessen from 2004 to 2012. The “Handelsblatt” sees him as one most intensive publisher and researcher in business administration in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2009, he has also been one of the “40 leading people in human resources” nominated by “Personalmagazin”.

Supporter of disruptive companies

Ruediger Kabst supports innovation-driven start-ups and disruptive companies. For this purpose, he has set up the garage33 Innovation Quarter. With regard to methodology, he is convinced that evidence orientation and Lean Startup accelerate innovation and future success in a targeted manner.

Ruediger Kabst is a supporter of the HR intrapreneur: The entrepreneurially acting HR manager who designs transformation processes, demands and promotes a sustainable innovation culture, has the courage to question the existing, to go new ways and to validate them experimentally and evidence-based.

What do you associate with HRpepper?

Courage for the future, authenticity, professionalism, innovative spirit – without the Peppers the way is without spice….

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