Shiran Habekost

Project Partner


Future Organisation Designer

Those who want innovation and top performance must say goodbye to yesterday and embrace tomorrow – especially in terms of their psychological beliefs.”

Shiran’s consulting focus lies squarely on organisational development, digital change, management diagnostics, and employee lifecycle design. He is committed to developing potential: to think and develop people and organisations in terms of the possibilities for them, without focusing on the deficits. He has a distinct passion for topics such as agility, change, IT systems, neuro-leadership, project management, scrum, and psychological capital – preferably embedded in new learning didactic formats that throw open the door to the future.

Focusing on case-based learning formats

In his consulting approach, Shiran combines a systemic, people-centered understanding of organisations with in-depth methodological knowledge, a clear sense for the target group, and a focus on case-based learning formats. Prior to joining HRpepper, Shiran gained more than 15 years of experience at start-ups and companies undergoing major change. He has always worked at the interface between science, pragmatic hands-on learning, and strategic, innovation-driven vision implementation. His work has been revolving around human resources and organisational development as well as interface management, which he uses as a means to implement and strengthen organisational cultures that promote innovation. He has worked as a lecturer at SRH universities, the University of Kassel, Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen, and the University of Koblenz-Landau. When Shiran isn’t on the road for HRpepper, you’ll find him skateboarding, making music, discussing things at meetups, or traveling around.

What is important to you at work?

In the end, it is important to achieve results. To paraphrase Clausewitz, I would say: Plans are a great thing, but it is more important to complete the task. In a world full of different working models and approaches, I have a clear focus on outcomes. That is why I find it particularly refreshing to work with colleagues who also feel the same way – then I can do my best.

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