Natalie Schuppenhauer

Senior Consultant


Empathetic Peak Performance Developer

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” ― Joseph Campbell

Natalie Schuppenhauer is a psychologist and consults individuals and teams in challenging situations as an experienced Trainer and Peak Performance Coach. Within this function, she has worked with people from many different fields such as aviation, space flight, armed forces, Non-Profitorganizations as well as in various economic fields. With commitment and focus, she facilitates teams and individuals in identifying future challenges and developing practicable solutions and how to implement them.

Reaching for the stars

Due to her work with astronauts, pilots, and senior executives, she knows how to develop feasible implementation strategies for ambitious objectives. She supports individuals, teams, and organizations in generating peak performance by teaching them how to transfer problems into achievable goals.

Before Natalie joined HRpepper, she worked as freelance coach and facilitator in the aviation industry. She received degrees in Psychology in Germany and in the U.S. and loves working with diverse and international teams.

Whenever Natalie is not on the road for HRpepper and their clients, you will find her with her three kids outdoors or in the kitchen, with her friends, or exercising.