Michael Schriber



Experimental Business Designer

“In order to find one’s way in ever more complex systems and to create a successful and fulfilling cooperation, it is necessary to have a true focus on the customer, self-determination, and trust in individuals – even beyond the boundaries of organisations and industries.”

Michael accompanies clients as an organisation developer, facilitator, and design thinking coach to create outstanding experiences. He is particularly happy to impart a mindset that makes it possible for new ideas to be based on the real, mostly still unknown needs of people. He sees himself as mediator and motivator for the team involved.

Founder of an agency for innovation consulting

As a banker and graduate industrial engineer, Michael has a deep understanding of tasks along the entire value chain and has gained valuable experience in designing and managing cross-departmental projects in his long-standing managerial position in operational controlling. Michael discovered his passion for innovative corporate cultures and their focus on customer needs not least as the founder of an agency for innovation consulting. Prior to joining HRpepper, he was involved in innovation processes at companies in various industries and has dealt with the question of how companies can introduce design thinking and creative leadership skills at all levels.

Whenever Michael is not on the road for HRpepper, you will find him sailing towards the Berlin sunset, developing creative new furniture, on a bicycle, hiking in the mountains, or on his raft.

What else would you like to learn?

I would like to learn more about the potential of network organizations and organizational resilience as well as what kind of facilitation is needed in the future to facilitate innovation and transformation.

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