Melina von Dawans

Assistant to the Management & Marketing Consultant


Project juggler

“Give every day a chance to become the most beautiful one in your life.”
(Mark Twain)

Melina works at HRpepper as an Assistant to the Management and takes care of the numerous marketing topics at HRpepper. She is committed to applied excellence and time management. When dealing with the many different topics and projects, she always manages to keep all the threads together and never lose track of anything. Her office dog Luna helps her staying calm.

With a novel in your hand

Before joining HRpepper in February 2015, Melina worked for two years as an assistant in marketing at a German fashion company. Prior to that, she completed a commercial apprenticeship at an international pharmaceutical company, where she later worked as a manager and department secretary.

When Melina isn’t working for HRpepper, she can be found out in the fields or in the woods, strolling with her dog, or in a café, where she likes to read a novel or thriller.

What do you associate with HRpepper?

For me, HRpepper means the opportunity to work independently, be responsible for your own work on your own terms, creative redesign, as well as trying new ways thinking and seizing the chance to develop your own personality.

My heart beats for