Laura Knuppertz

Senior Consultant


Avid Navigator

“In an environment of growing uncertainty, in which the half-life of knowledge is constantly decreasing, strong working relationships and an open and curious mind are the key for success.”

Laura is a consultant and work and organisational psychologist at HRpepper. Her heart beats for strategic personnel development, new forms of cooperation, and the opportunity to support organisations through change processes. Her special passion is the ability to create formats and platforms that enable people to learn from and with each other and to grow together, professionally and personally.

High standards of practicability

She is an enthusiastic all-rounder who combines sound methodical knowledge with high standards of practicability. In her consulting approach, she sees herself as an energized facilitator of the process of realizing a unique strategy or individual transformation.
Before joining HRpepper, she worked for an international consulting firm, where she accompanied the cultural changes happening in a cross-divisional transformation project with special emphasis on customer focus. The key for her was agile work and true cooperation across hierarchies and across departments that turned employees into active co-designers.

Outside of work, she can be found on city trips or more extensive travels, active at sports, in the theatre or cinema, or simply out for a walk in the park.

What do you associate with HRpepper?

An exciting and challenging working environment and experienced colleagues who combine proven methods and new approaches with great expertise, interest, and curiosity.

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