Hannah Rauterberg

Principal Consultant


Empathic Future Designer

 “Whoever understands Work 4.0 as the absolute commitment to the customer’s needs, will put people and benefits at the centre of their attention.”

Hannah accompanies people and organisations as a consultant advising them on their way to developing their full potential. She is enthusiastic about new forms of leadership and collaboration that focus on benefits and people alike. She is convinced: If you want to break new ground, you have to be prepared to constantly question your own thinking and patterns of behaviour. This requires experiential learning and spaces for sharing that can irritate existing patterns, invite experiments and create multi-sensory impulses.

Enthusiasm for agile methods

Hannah’s consulting approach combines a systematic understanding of organisations with an enthusiasm for agile methods and agile mindset as well as a good pinch of skepticism about any normative discussion.
Prior to joining HRpepper, Hannah worked at the interface between science and consulting, including the fundamentals of organisational cultures that foster innovation and the factors of failure in personnel development measures. As a lecturer at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin, she has taught mainly on the subject of personnel development. Hannah is a qualified trainer and systemic coach.

Whenever Hannah isn’t on the road for HRpepper, you can find her at a new work meetup or discovering new places. She also enjoys tasting new dishes and is often on the water.

What is important to you at work?

I attach just as much importance to the interpretation of meaning as to questioning the status quo, room for manoeuvre, and a collegial, inspiring cooperation.

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