Ferdinand Ostrop

Head of Operations

Ferdinand Ostrop


“We don’t act not because things are hard, but things are hard because we don’t act.” Seneca


Ferdi takes care of our enabling functions since February 2019. As an experienced operations manager he lays the ground for a smooth internal workflow in the entire range of finance, HR and business development. As a veteran project manager he reacts calm on unexpected events. He believes in structures which are sturdy enough to lean on and same time flexible enough to accommodate unforseeable events and to give people space for development. For him autonomy of the people is the base of good work. „Conformity is the Jailer of Freedom and the Enemy of Growth“ (John F. Kennedy). Besides his internal focus Ferdi consults in economic and operational tasks.

For him a clear, concise and open communication is the base of trustful cooperation. Before joining HRpepper Ferdi worked as senior journalist for an international news agency. In his management roles he restructured workflows and flattened hierarchies towards peer-to-peer cooperation and lead complex international projects. Ferdi holds an MBA in corporate governance and finance management.

Outside working hours he makes music, relaxes when walking his dogs and his happy when the lawn mower is louder than his two children.

What I associate with HRpepper?

A great bunch of people who embrace future and change as an opportunity.

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