Dr. Franziska Schölmerich

Senior Consultant

HR Pepper

Curious Reflection Stimulator

“The digital transformation changes the distribution of knowledge, responsibility and power in organizations. We can use this transformation to put humans more in the centre of organizations.”

Franziska is passionate about building bridges between old and new forms of cooperation, leadership and organizations. She uses current scientific insights, various methods, and her long-term experience as a consultant to achieve the best results for people and organizations. She is fascinated by the digital transformation and aims to use this transformation to meet social challenges by means of designing work and organizations.

With a psychological background, she has worked as freelance consultant on cooperation and leadership in organizations for many years. Her consulting approach is characterized by openness and curiosity, which enable encounters at eye level. She believes that you have to examine causes, integrate different perspectives, and experiment with various approaches to problem solving in order to generate sustainable change. By means of appreciation, passion for change, inspiring impulses, and individual feedback, she creates spaces for reflection and new ways of thinking and behaviour.

Before starting at HRpepper, Franziska was a researcher at the Centre for Digital Transformation at Leuphana University Lüneburg and focussed on agility and diversity in teams and organizations. Sometimes she dives into statistical data analysis like a nerd and has published many articles in practical and scientific journals. She is passionate about reinforcing the connection between science and practice and to promote evidence in consulting because she is convinced: Science offers a wide range of insights about success factors for cooperation and transformation in organizations. Often we do not use this knowledge because there is no adequate translation for practice.

When she is not working for HRpepper, she experiments with leading and following in Swing Dance and likes to do things for the first time.

What is important to you at work?

Inspiration, eye level, purpose, appreciation, challenge.

What do you want to learn?

How to do a podcast – for example one in which scientist talk about the practical impact of their research.

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