Christian Völkl



Bridge Builder

“I accompany the players in organisations to give meaning to people’s needs and to draw strength and value from them.”

At heart, Christian is a management consultant and organizational designer with a focus on realigning customer and employee-centered corporate functions, developing innovative human resources work, and designing integrated working and learning environments. He advocates a value-oriented Employee Experience Design approach, for which he combines modern methods of Design Thinking with the proven methods of organisational development and human performance improvement.

Career start at Pixelpark

Christian Völkl joined HRpepper in 2013, at a time when the company was still young. Prior to that, he was head of the management consulting firm E&E AG and transformed it into today’s partake Business Innovation. Born in Heidelberg, he began his career in the early 1990s at Pixelpark, the multimedia agency and leading provider of digital communications at the time. He was appointed to the executive board following positions in the CEO staff and project management. He then went on to work at international employers, including PricewaterhouseCoopers in the USA and E&Y in Europe.

When Christian is not on the road for HRpepper, you can find him building great Lego architecture with his boys, jogging in the park, or breathing in a bit of peace and quiet during yoga.

What is important to you at work?

Since we focus on people at the core of our consulting services, our consultants as human beings and their awareness for the human condition of our clients are a special concern for me.


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