Carsten Sura

Senior Consultant



“The future is already here, we just have to distribute it more evenly.”

In his trainings and projects, Carsten invites you to dare to look beyond your own nose and bravely face the challenges of the future. With his curiosity and enthusiasm for current technical and social developments as well as their effects on people and organisations, he wants to infect others and motivate them to see these as personal opportunities. He knows that only entrepreneurial optimism combined with the courage to leave one’s own comfort zone can open up new paths and opportunities. For him, the mission of consulting is to create a suitable framework for this and offer professional support along the way into the future.

Know-how in communication, behaviour, and leadership

Due to his business background, his know-how in communication, behaviour, and leadership as well as his systemic way of thinking, it is important to Carsten to consider hard and soft factors alike in consulting and to combine them with each other in a goal-oriented way. Prior to joining HRpepper, Carsten worked as a senior manager in a human resources function in the logistics industry and was responsible for several international IT projects for the digitization of HR. Due to his various previous positions in management development and support at a corporate enterprise and as an assistant to the director of human resources, he has extensive knowledge of HR administration, personnel diagnostics, and talent management as well as management policy and organization.

Whenever Carsten is not working for HRpepper, he will be out supporting a voluntary integration project and is also involved in various political issues.

What else would you like to learn?

I would like to learn programming – at least in basics to be (still) better prepared for the digital age.

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