Anne Haker

Principal Consultant


Future Developer

“If you want innovation and top performance, you have to create conditions that make employees see and feel the meaning in their work.”

Anne is a graduate psychologist, organisational consultant, and systemic coach. She accompanies people in situations of change – the supposedly small experience of change that come with taking over new tasks or the larger ones when whole organizational areas are restructured or new values are evolving. A constructivist-systemic worldview helps her approach people, situations, and organisations with open curiosity and recognize how helpful the current approaches to solutions actually are. On this basis, she helps people build bridges to the new world and gets the people involved to come along on their way into the future.

Successful change requires working together, as equals

The conviction that equal partnership and appreciation for the uniqueness of the other person are important prerequisites for successful change underlies her interest in new forms of cooperation. Findings from the neurosciences feed into Anne’s counselling work and help her understand complicated situations in times of constant change and design brain-friendly situations in order to find practicable ways through the turbulence.

Before joining HRpepper, she was responsible for employee retention and innovation management in the automotive industry. She brings along many years of experience in freelance coaching and consulting practice. Her main focus lies on facilitating (large) group events and process-oriented workshop design.

When Anne is not on the road for HRpepper, she enjoys the many colours of nature, reads nonfiction books and novels, or plays with her children Jonathan and Emilia – with her favourite role being the monkey.

What is important to you at work?

Meaning, questioning the status quo, room for manoeuvre, and collegial, inspiring cooperation are key to developing the full potential of people in organisations and thus of the organisation itself.

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