Anna Kotlarski

PR and Marketing Manager

Anna Kotlarski

Goal-oriented experience creator

“Everything difficult has its origin in the ease – and everything big in the small.”

Anna loves to put herself in the shoes of target groups and to get to the bottom of “problem/ consumer insights” of all kinds. Developing ideas, concepts and marketing strategies and providing them with fresh and innovative communication measures is what motivates her. Anna is convinced that brands are particularly strong when they speak authentically and truthfully from their core, when they don’t try to fulfil all expectations but keep their attitude, even when things are shaky.

At HRpepper, she considers her role as a communicative and strategic communication catalyst. She pursues the goal of passionately sharpening the brand(s) and products from the viewpoint of the target group and the market and to act as a sparring partner for internal innovation processes.

Before joining HRpepper, Anna worked for ten years in the consumer goods sector of national and international players, learning how to redevelop and successfully reposition brands and products and to provide them with sustainable revenue growth. Her last position before HRpepper focused on the strategic, technical and personnel development of a new marketing team and the support of processes for cross-location cooperation.
Personally, Anna has been practicing yoga for years and also teaches it part-time in Berlin. Yoga helped her to live through her own transformation and so she wants to pass on that the path to the inner self is paved by uniting body, mind and soul. Every day anew, the young Shiba Inu (dog) turns the world of her partner and that of Anna upside down with great joy.

What is important to you at work?

Transparency, conceptual-creative environment, personal responsibility, passion, understanding for each other, focus instead of status, collaborative leadership

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