Andreas Fels

IT System Administrator

Andreas Fels

Data pusher

“There’s a lot to do. Let’s do it!”
(Esso advertising, 1974)

Andreas accompanies HRpepper as an administrator on the road to an even more digital age. He is always responsive and helpful. The fact that Pepper consultants can work in such a mobile and collaborative manner is also due to his efforts. “Do you have a minute…” or “Can you just…” are the typical beginnings of sentences that Andreas will hear or read every day. Andreas is enthusiastic about everything digital, whether it is software or hardware. He is always surrounded by a computer and a telephone – without them he could not breathe properly.

Passion for internet technology

Before joining HRpepper, Andreas worked at a start-up company that operates several internet portals. He discovered his passion for internet technology and telecommunications at a very early stage: during his training in wholesale and foreign trade, he was responsible for the administration of the IT landscape. Over the course of his many career stages, he has kept pace with the fast-moving technological developments and has kept on learning new things – a source of enjoyment for him.

Whenever Andreas is not at HRpepper, you can find him at home and, of course, at the computer, or meeting with his family and friends for a coffee.

What is important to you at work?

Sense, challenging of the status quo, real scope for action as well as a collegial, inspiring cooperation are important to Andreas and one of the reasons why he decided in favour of HRpepper.

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