Sherif Abed

Principal Consultant

HR Pepper 28.08.2019

Humorous customer understander

“Great wisdom not applied to action and behavior is meaningless data.”
(Peter Drucker)

Sherif accompanies companies through holistic change processes and is called upon when it comes to accompanying transformations – towards a more agile organisation, paired with a new understanding of leadership, the involvement of employees and the establishment of suitable HR instruments. He acts as a consultant, trainer and coach. From analysis and concept development up to practical implementation.

Take unusual paths

In addition to a pinch of humour, he is characterised by his ability to look at topics from different perspectives, to make the complex accessible and to have the courage to go new – sometimes unorthodox – ways together with the customer.

Sherif is a business graduate, MBA, systemic business coach and agile coach respectively Scrum Master. Before his time with HRpepper he worked in 2 corporations as well as a consulting company with emphasis on the following topics: Leadership, organizational transformation, HR management and change management.

When Sherif is not on the road for HRpepper, you can find him on the football or tennis court, in a good café or with his family in the countryside.

What do you associate with HRpepper?

I associate with HRpepper innovation, creativity, creative freedom, good atmosphere and the “we can do it” philosophy.

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