Lisa Rostock

Principal Consultant


Structure giving digital mind

„The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.“
Oren Harari

Lisa Rostock accompanies organizations in transition – especially where the adaptation to the future requires a reassess towards digitization. She advises on the development of sustainable organizational models, (HR) processes and instruments with a holistic view of the interaction between people, HR functions and IT. She is convinced that the first step towards introducing technical solutions is the standardization and harmonization of processes and structures. Lisa supports companies across the entire range of transformation: from the conception of long-lasting solutions or the translation of functional into technical requirements, through the selection, implementation, and the establishment of tailor-made and yet viable operating concepts.

In her previous position, Lisa led international implementation projects for HR suite software solutions with a special focus on SAP SuccessFactors. She is a certified SAP consultant with a passion for the conception and implementation of processes related to talent management, competence management and personnel development.

Digitization is a means to an end, never an end in itself

It is particularly important to her that the focus remains on people, despite automation, gain of efficiency and networking through digital solutions. Digitization should never be an end in itself but should always be understood as a means to an end and aligned with customer benefits and corporate strategy. Lisa uses methods of employee experience design to find a good balance between established best practices in the HR-Tech landscape and novel HR innovation.

When collaborating with customers, Lisa makes use of her psychological expertise, experience from operational HR work and IT understanding for complex system landscapes and cloud software. She likes to act as a facilitator between HR and IT functions, helps to change perspectives and leads projects to success with heart and mind.
In addition to her communication skills, she also has the ability to quickly identify potential for optimization, to think conceptually and get things straight to the point.

When Lisa is not on the road for HRpepper, she discovers distant worlds with a backpack on her back, tries out new culinary land or digs in mother earth with her green thumb.

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