Greta Müller

Principal Consultant


Change Companion

“In a digital world, human cooperation and direct encounters are not becoming obsolete – on the contrary, they are becoming increasingly important. It is critical for the success of any organisation to actively shape this and create the right framework conditions.”

Greta accompanies people and organisations as a trainer and consultant and helps them find the answers to the questions about the future of their work. She is convinced that the potential that is hidden in organisations can only develop if old ways of thinking and behaviour are left behind and new ways of learning and working together are established. In her consulting approach, Greta combines methodical competence with a holistic, realistic view of the practical suitability of possible applications. As a psychologist, her passion is to discover and develop forward-looking competences together with organisations as well as to create cultural framework conditions so that they can come to life.

Enabling a true exchange

She believes that bringing people together in a room and facilitating a real exchange has great potential. However, it is important to ask the right questions again and again. Greta is also enthusiastic about the topic of participation and the design of effective participation concepts. Prior to joining HRpepper, Greta studied psychology at the University of Münster with a focus on human resources and business psychology. She also explored strategies to close the gap between psychological research and organisational practice.

When Greta is not working for HRpepper, she prefers to go skiing on a freshly snow-covered deep snow slope in the Swiss Alps or to have a cheese fondue with friends.

What is important to you at work?

I particularly appreciate the feeling of mutual trust in working together and learning from each other. Also, the permission to think up new ways and a sense of humour are important to me.

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