We are convinced that a value-adding and meaningful consultancy requires a reflective mind-set of our consultants. These are our guiding principles.

We have an opinion

Yes, we have an opinion! Ask us, and you receive an upright answer. In the short term opportunistic behaviour might be advantageous for consultants. This, however, is not always for the benefit of the customer. To ensure maximum benefit, we have a clear position.

Ensuring quality via a close link to the academic world

Our close ties to the academic world are not a marketing gag. It is the essential foundation for the development and implementation of sound / substantial concepts for and with our customers. We are working together with leading scientists who continuously monitor the quality of our work and accompany our projects critically.

We don’t do everything

We don’t promise the world to our clients. You can, however, trust that we keep what we promise. Our concepts are proven in practice, effective and continuously evaluated.

Interdisciplinary, but not arbitrarily

Some consultants consider their methodology to be carved in stone, others do not reflect nor try to be transparent on their framework. Our consulting approach follows the tradition of an interdisciplinary, socio-scientific thinking and acting. Our consultants are committed to common methods and tools, without elevating these to a mission.

For us, good is not good enough

On our projects we mainly apply self-developed and proven methods, tools and approaches. However, the wheel does not need to be reinvented. We constantly scan the national and international market for innovations. Therefore we can offer the most appropriate solutions to our clients, even if we have to buy them ourselves.

People make the difference

At HRpepper we strongly believe that the quality of consulting services depends on the people who deliver them. Our consultants have solid academic backgrounds and wide experiences with companies and consultancies. We enjoy teaming up with our clients.

Mutual Confidence

Consulting is a sensitive business. Confidence is the key. Thus you can count on us to be fully transparent. Our clients receive a complete overview of our services, the designated consultants, the calculation and the required investment. We act according to the concept of the hounourable businessman.


Es wird Zeit, etwas Neues zu wagen.