Which IT Programme Managers can we entrust with major projects?

HRpepper is assisting a leading German insurance group with the selection of Programme Managers in IT.

The Challenge
IT management at large insurance providers is characterized by many complex, long-term projects running in parallel, with many units and people involved, and high risks in terms of dependable performance in times of substantial changes.

The selection of Programme and Key Project Managers in IT calls for diagnostic instruments that assess the candidates professional, functional, and social aptitude for challenging jobs, while treating the candidates as equals who deserve appreciation and respect.

The Response
A representative of HRpepper designed a dedicated assessment centre that used a holistic approach to check the skills and competence portfolio of the candidates. Embedded in an umbrella scenario and aligned with the challenges of the target positions, the candidate’s aptitude is verified and concrete recommendations are produced for appointments and HR development opportunities. HRpepper provides a consultant who is not only a fully qualified diagnostician, but has also own, long-standing experience as a leader of major IT projects and Programme Manager. This helps to ensure absolute acceptance by the candidates even in the more intricate discussions of their professional methods and work.

The Results
The feedback from the client and the candidates on site is testimony to the great value contribution of the procedures. They have helped to identify areas for development that will be critical for successful performance in the target position.


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