How do we make our services more attractive and innovative?

The HRpepper consultants are designing new interaction and dialogue formats for the clients and members of a specialist association.

The challenge
The client has introduced an internal transformation process, aimed at re-establishing itself in a dynamically changing business environment. As part of this transformation, its portfolio of products and services will be re-wrought and expanded to include innovative new offerings. Under the motto “Rethinking services”, the new direction is meant to make the association the leading body in its sector.

The response
The chosen approach relies on an intelligent combination of portfolio management concepts with methods of design thinking. The first step reached out to the current target groups of the association, which were arranged by their origin and membership. In order to avoid the trap of “more of the same”, a decision was taken to deliberately identify the target groups that are not yet part of the association’s clients. The further these are removed from the original client base (so-called exotic clients), the better they were for guiding the re-design of the service portfolio. Special target clients were chosen from that group, leading to a change in the target group categories. Individual representatives of these new target groups were analysed and described in more detail by means of the so-called persona method, which forms the seedbed for new ideas about engaging in a dialogue with clients by a storytelling approach. This carved out an emotional customer experience in live detail, which will be the formative building block for the new formats.

The results
The approach led to a substantial pool of new interaction and dialogue formats to choose from that reach out both to existing clients and members and to new and as yet unknown target groups. The ideas were developed into focused prototypes to act as a sounding board for the target groups. These formats are being fine-tuned successively and constantly updated and developed further as part of the new and expanded portfolio.


Es wird Zeit, etwas Neues zu wagen.