How can we make our sales teams more successful?

The consultants of HRpepper are conducting a comprehensive project to improve the sales performance of the regional sales teams of one of Germany’s largest insurance providers.

The Challenge
The performance management systems commonly used in sales often tend to promote isolated “one against all” attitudes: Most rewards go to the people who sell most. Why should sales professionals cooperate with others, let alone share their knowledge, when their own sales performance alone matters in the end?

At the same time, many studies show us that a “sense of cohesion” and “team spirit” have a major impact on sales performance. Companies that manage to establish a lasting “esprit de corps” while keeping the individual incentive systems can expect to reap the rewards in their sales success. The core question for the client is: How can the team help boost the sales performance of its individual members?

The Response
In order to achieve lasting and durable results, the sales units are not given a one-off impulse from an outside source, but support in multiple steps over a three-year process. The manager in charge plays a key role in this process.

Phase 1: Manager’s Survey of the Status Quo
The manager analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the sales team with the support of a toolkit of analytical instruments, such as multi-dimensional team cohesion tests.

Phase 2: Workshop with the Sales Team

The manager and the team work together to identify ways to (re-) gain a feeling of cohesion. HRpepper acts as “enabler” and process support. The range of interventions is versatile: Depending on the “maturity” of the team, this can reach from more durable meeting management techniques to the establishment of a (new) shared team identity.

Phase 3: Action in Practice
The agreed interventions are taken. The manager is guided with individual coaching support.

Phase 4: Follow-Up Workshop
The team comes together again, assesses their shared progress, and plans further actions.

Phase 5: Action in Practice
The manager is again accompanied and supported by HRpepper. Leaders who feel up to it can steer the process by themselves and only receive the phone support they need.

The Results

The results are as diverse as the teams we are working with: They range from more efficient work meetings to a streamlined sales approach. “Who are we and what makes us who we are?” We have achieved measurable improvements in the sales performance of all the teams we have worked with.

What our clients are saying:

“I never knew that we had it in ourselves.”
“We finally have that get-go back that we thought we had lost for good.”
“I am proud of us.”