How can we get our organization fit for the future?

One of the leading names in the media industry is preparing for the future evolution of its business with the aid of HRpepper’s consultants.

The Challenge
The media industry is in flux. Consumers are changing their habits, technological progress creates myriads of new opportunities, and the convergence of media adds new providers into the market, while legal requirements are being rewritten as we speak. Our client is active in this dynamic setting and has committed itself to making his organization fit for the future.

The response
The first step of the project was to understand the status quo by means of face-to-face interviews with the client’s management team. The interviews explored the social, commercial, and technological developments in terms of their meaning for the status quo of the business. The insights were gathered and arranged in a SWOT analysis to give a succinct overview over the organization’s strengths, potential improvements, and risks. The holistic approach chosen for this survey included both external and internal factors and distinguished between leadership and culture, cooperation, environmental forces, and tasks and personnel.


The client’s wider team was also included by means of a staff survey asking the employees about their view of the current organization and its future prospects. In the subsequent future workshop, conducted by an interdisciplinary team chosen from across the client’s hierarchy, design thinking methods were used to open up new creative vistas and room for creative and forward-looking ideas. A final workshop was held with top management to define the future strategic direction for the client.

The results
The project achieved many successful results for our client: A vision for his future with consideration of the changes under way in the media industry, a clear strategic definition, and a blueprint for the new organizational structure. Agile design methods were used to sharpen people’s senses for unexpected developments, and the early and constant involvement of the management team ensured the buy-in of the key stakeholders. Lasting mobilization of the client’s assets was achieved by keeping the entire team involved.


Es wird Zeit, etwas Neues zu wagen.