How can we build up our leadership capabilities?

HRpepper developed and delivered a bespoke development programme for talented junior executives of the subsidiary of one of the leading names in the aerospace and defence industry.

The Challenge
The client committed to the effective development of junior executives to prepare them as competent and qualified replacements for any later vacancies in the organization’s leadership and (large-scale) project management team.
Doing so meant offering holistic training in leadership and management to talented young executives from all walks of life and disciplines. This called not only for a design that respects the unique challenges of the client’s business model; it also required an approach that made the programme’s participants more visible in their organization. One essential element was ensuring the effective transfer of the activities into the workplace reality of the participants.

The Response
A two-year executive development programme was designed from the ground up and implemented by HRpepper’s consultants as trainers and coaches of the participants. To ensure maximum fit, the entire design was based on and built around the unique development needs of the participants selected especially for the purpose by HRpepper.


The Results
The programme included a curriculum of nine seminar modules, flanked by individual coaching for the participants and other development activities. These support measures were not intended for the acquisition of new competences alone, but planned from the very beginning as ways to aid the curriculum’s real-life application in the workplace and to promote networking across the company. The following overview illustrates the development programme with all its modules and building blocks.