How can we become a more effective management team?

The unit directors of a major international supplier of system solutions for the food and utilities industry wanted to boost their performance as a management board by means of a team retreat.

The Challenge
The management team was in charge of a newly acquired unit that had to be integrated effectively and brought in line with the demanding standards of the new parent company. The four directors on the board were relatively new to their positions and had not worked with each other in this form before.

The Response
Extensive preparatory interviews were conducted to explore the current situation and the challenges faced by the management team and its individual members. A dedicated questionnaire was produced to check team performance in the various aspects of cooperation and to uncover potential targets for improvement. An English-language team retreat was conducted along the following lines:

Ill.: Agenda

The Results
Written feedback from the CEO: “The workshop was an unqualified success. …the teambuilding activities were an inspiring experience and had a positive effect on how we work with each other.”


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