How can the principles of positive HR work be defined and implemented?

The consultants of HRpepper assisted a global trade and service enterprise in defining the principles of good HR work. The mission was to commit the autonomous business units in their markets to shared standards for “positive HR work”.

The Challenge
The individual business units operated with extreme autonomy – matching their individual business models. Given the lack of shared standards for HR work, the client’s corporate executive board, labour representatives, and central HR management called for a binding HR charter. This charter was to define more than the minimum standards. It was intended as a visible sign of the company’s special commitment to its people, the society at large, and our shared environment – for active use at the company, not least as part of its employer brand.

The Response
All available materials on strategies and responsibilities were collated and analysed, including the corporate and HR strategies as well as the values, leadership principles, corporate governance rules, code of conduct, and all statements on corporate social responsibility. Workshops were conducted to define the cornerstones of good HR work in terms of its essential dimensions, which were filled with more details with the input of HRpepper. The concept and a first practical application concept was submitted to the executive board and discussed by the unit HR directors. Every business unit is now in charge of the concept’s implementation, supported by central consolidation and the finalization of the shared core HR charter.

The Results
Ten core building blocks were developed for the three dimensions of the client’s HR charter. Each building block was given a dedicated corporate guideline, translated into practically usable and controllable items.