How can I improve controlling in the HR function?

One of the medium-sized “hidden champions” of the plant engineering industry is developing and implementing a new portfolio management concept for its HR services with the help of HRpepper.

The challenge
The client is establishing an international HR service centre as part of its organization-wide restructuring campaign. For this purpose, the status quo of HR was scrutinized for potential efficiencies in its service delivery to provide the necessary capacities for new HR services. The key questions to be answered were which range of services are to be provided today and tomorrow, how costs can be made transparent in a causative sense and how the new HR products are to be designed to ensure optimum responsiveness to urgent client needs. The overriding goal was to ensure optimum control at all sites, while keeping the overhead as low as possible.

The response
The project relied on principles of fast results and the active involvement of the HR clients. HRpepper initially prepared the basic structure for an effective definition, management, and development of the HR service portfolio. A map of all HR services was prepared for a specific segment of the portfolio in cooperation with the client to reveal the interdependencies between the products and, in particular, the needs of the clients. The HR products identified in this manner were tested in terms of essential quality markers and their use of available capacities. Particular attention was given to HR products that use disproportionate capacities and deserve a more intensive assessment. These products were analysed and revisited with the means of service design, while new ways to deliver them were explored and optimized.


The results
Several workshops later, a fully catalogued HR portfolio was ready that reflected both the client’s needs and the principles of HR effectiveness and efficiency. Controlling was improved in the HR function to answer questions meaningfully, such as make-or-buy decisions or the location of individual products. The process is being rolled-out successfully to all HR product areas.