How can executives become engines for change?

HRpepper consultants help Germany’s largest cooperative bank implement its new strategy and brand values with active HR and, specifically, executive development.

The Challenge

Like all financial institutes, the client is facing an unusually challenging market. The loss of trust in banks, the Euro crisis, new regulatory requirements, and current interest rates are just some of the many challenges affecting the industry.

In response to these challenges, the board has introduced a new strategy with new brand values. For the bank, this is far more than a publicity exercise. It is meant as the force behind the birth of a new culture and mentality. The bank’s executives play a major role in this ambitious undertaking: They will act as the driving force for the planned changes.

The Response

The status quo at the bank was explored in a careful analysis, leading to a map of the forces that aid or inhibit the planned changes. The analysis used a wide range of documentary sources, including the results from recent staff surveys, the current employee review process, past development programmes, strategy papers and much more, aided by intensive background interviews. The findings of this analysis were then used to define new “accents for leadership” to guide the bank’s executives over the next two to three years. A kick-off executive conference was conducted to introduce these accents and give them meaning. An executive development curriculum was then designed and is being rolled out on the basis of the core brand values, supported by communication and transfer management activities.

The Results

The following illustration shows the contents of the executive development programme in their reference to the brand values.


What our clients are saying:  
”At the bank, we need few seminars about the basic methodology. What we need is for our executives to be able to explain and embody the ‘why we work’. More transformational leadership is called for.”

Chairman of Germany’s largest cooperative bank