Can we find future leaders in our own people?

The consultants of HRpepper designed a bespoke Junior Management Programme for a subsidiary of a leading aerospace and defence technology business.

The Challenge
The client has committed itself to forestalling the impact of the impending lack of engineers and qualified specialists in the labour market. Internal candidates were to be given effective preparation for potential vacancies in leadership and (large) project management. Programmes of a similar nature were already in place at the company, but a local, bespoke programme was requested to extend the offerings. One of its stated aims was to account for the unique challenges of the client’s business model.

The Response
The organization had limited experience with this class of HR programmes. This required particular attention for the right selection of participants and supporting communication. The selection process is outlined in the following illustration.<


Ill.: The Project in brief

The Results
Individual HR development plans were produced for all participants. This provided the basis for their time in the two-year programme, which included elements develop for the purpose by HRpepper. A mentor from the organization’s top management helps the participants establish their networks. The participants cooperate on shared, challenging projects.

    Of the original 20 candidates, eight junior managers were enrolled in the programme after the selection process, some of whom have already taken over leadership or project management duties in the programme. Other, individually suitable development opportunities were offered to candidates not enrolled in the programme or they were flagged for a repeat selection procedure at a later date.