How can we prepare our executives for constant change?

A leading international travel operator called on HRpepper to help manage its many change processes professionally. For this purpose, a programme was introduced on a broad front to empower the company’s executives to lead their teams through the upcoming transformations and put them on the right footing for a future of permanent change.

The challenge
The client is facing a considerable number of extensive changes and reorganizations that will affect the entire business and a considerable number of employees and executives alike. In this process, the client’s managers will play a central role in executing the planned changes. The programme was designed to give them the best possible preparation for the challenges they are about to face.

The response
In order to prepare the client’s executives optimally for the coming challenges, the HRpepper consultants prepared a bespoke, holistic qualification programme, combining classroom training with supportive communication, additional webinars, and support on site and via an expert hotline. The participants of the qualification programme also gained access to a virtual interactive platform, the so-called virtual Change Lab, to share their insights about current developments and download all the training documents they need.

The core of the qualification programme was formed by two one-day training courses focusing on “change management” and “team development during change”. These courses were conducted on site at the client in the Change Labs set up by HRpepper. These Change Labs are far more than ordinary seminar venues. Equipped with flexible furniture (e.g. movable and washable dividers / tables, seating cubes etc.) to help the participants take in and process information in constantly changing forms of interaction (large group sessions, group work, individual work).


In addition to these on-site courses, five webinars with advanced lessons on how to handle resistance, prepare team workshops, use agile management methods etc. were produced for the participant’s free use. The executives had the opportunity to follow up on their courses on their own time and at their own leisure, wherever they were. In addition to this, the HRpepper consultants prepared a change toolkit that included practical guidelines for various challenges in the everyday leadership work of the participants. This toolkit was the participants’ constant companion throughout the change process.

The results
Apart from enabling the executives to guide their teams optimally through the change process, the qualification programme provided a great opportunity for networking among the executives. It ensured the invaluable flow of experience and know-how that enabled the participants to learn with and from each other even beyond the training courses themselves.

What the clients say:

Executive manager: “I have been hearing only great things about the change training. The trainers get particular praise. What the feedback boils down to is that people absolutely appreciate the opportunity to engage with their peers in the process.”

Head of Function: “I particularly enjoyed the methods that were used, the debates, the practical exercises, the work with my peers, your experience with the many links between people and their mental make-up, the insights into the executives’ and employees’ perspectives, the opportunity to engage with you and your colleagues, not least in view of the differences in industry, and the group work in general.”