The Story

The topic of our launch day conference and the launch of HRpepper are part of the same story. After many years as employed consultants, Philipp Hölzle and Matthias Meifert asked themselves a question at the end of 2011: Why do we (continue to) work like we do? To answer this question, they decided to establish a new and innovative, but already highly experienced player in the consultancy market, coupling academic rigour with pragmatic verve. Our ambition is not to do everything differently, but to do many things better.

The sense of working and the sense in working has become an object of controversy as never before. It is not just a question for established executives facing a midlife crisis. On the one side, we have recognized that only employees who fully identify themselves with their employers can produce top performance. Aspects of shared (corporate) values and “job with a purpose” play a key role. On the other side, many people are losing faith in their employers in times like these. They are more concerned about their future and the future of their jobs than about any particular expectations concerning their employers.
For them, their employers are just a means to an end.
At this point, critical minds would call a timeout and remind us that our attitude towards our work is the root of the problem. Work is a fetish, a mantra, the secret religion of modern man. You have only done your best if you are nearing a burnout.

We want to discuss this state of affairs with you:

Does sense in working make sense?
What can show us the ‘Why’?
How can this be done?
How should it not be done?
What does this all mean in practice?

You can look forward to some unexpected points of view. Come and see what an Olympic champion, the director of a social organization, a filmmaker, and a business consultant have to say to each other.



Es wird Zeit, etwas Neues zu wagen.