The Location

For our launch day, we chose an inspiring and unconventional location, far away from the usual conference venues: The “Villa Elisabeth” at Invalidenstraße 3 in 10115 Berlin. Come and experience the historical appeal of Berlin.

The History:

Work started in 1888 with the construction of a new parish vicarage on Invalidenstraße. In 1907, the new parish hall was opened next to the church – today’s “Villa Elisabeth”.

For most of the building’s history, it was the heart of a lively parish community with rooms for Sunday school, clubs, associations, and parish events of all types. The Villa Elisabeth remained part of the community until the local parishes were integrated in 1999. Shortly after it was considered to open the space to the general public for cultural events. As result the Villa hosted the Sophiensaele in 2002 and 2003, provided the set for many film productions, opened its doors for events and celebrations, and made its name well known among the in-groups as the LisaLounge Berlin.

Today, the Villa Elisabeth has become an open space for unusual cultural projects and events. Be it the theatre stage in its foyer, the main hall as ballroom, the old rooms as an impromptu gallery, or the café on the ground floor – Villa Elisabeth is a location that invites people to be part, to develop their artistic side, to come closer… a true open space.

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Es wird Zeit, etwas Neues zu wagen.