Do you share our passion?

Working with our clients is a rewarding experience, but it is also a demanding challenge: We will only reach our shared goals if we approach our projects with perseverance, stamina, and lasting dedication, like long-distance runners going for the finish.

Our colleagues like Anne Haker fit right in: Hiking is her passion. Summits and valleys, hills and dales are her natural home. If you share this commitment to a different, a more effective style of consulting, then we need to talk.

The HRpepper team brings together a great diversity of different talents in a unique fashion, some of which we only just rediscovered at our last team off-site event. We simply love working with each other and working with and for our clients.



Right now, we are looking for:

• Intern in HR consulting (f/m)

• Passionate HR organization optimizers (f/m)

• Experienced business and transformation developers (f/m)

Who is right for us?
We are looking for people with a real passion for management consulting, an open mind, and the motivation to leave their mark in the development and transformation of our clients’ businesses. Strong opinions, genuine curiosity, and hands-on energy matter a lot to us, as does a range of experience in consulting or business.
Come and tell us more about you. E-Mail:

Our selection process uses Viasto’s asynchronous video interview technology. To make the process easier for you, you can get your most important questions answered here.